Sister/Mother Kay Mayo

August 25, 2022

Sister/Mother Kay Mayo

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Mother KAY Mayo was affectionately called "Sister KAY" and  sometimes "Cuz Kay from Upper Marlboro MD".

She was a part of the Prayerline for many years. She was invited to the Prayerline by her dear sister Elder Mother Mary Walton.


She would often pray the fact that God wanted us to obey him like "good little children".


From time to time she would sing beautifully on the prayerline ... especially when encouraged by her sister! She had an amazing soprano voice.


She brought a SWEETNESS to the prayerline that was so special, remarkable, and will be missed! She invited her neighbor & friend to the prayerline - Lady Jay.


Sister Kay rest in the presence of the Lord & know that we love you & miss you deeply! 🙏🏽❤️🕊✝️